Our Vision

Our mission is to help people understand the Kingdom of God in it's original context, bring people into a deeper level of faith and relationship with God, and “to fill God’s house.”

Our vision is to create a 21st century Kingdom model of online and in-person church growth and multi-campus ministry. Our vision is to plant Kingdom minded churches and partner with independent churches and fellowships that desire mentorship and spiritual covering. Our vision involves the development and empowerment of 21st century Kingdom leaders through our Kingdom Bible University, Kingdom Theological Seminary, and Leadership Development Corporation. Our vision is to create a world-class, STEAMBE, K-12 educational system that will transform the educational development of our children worldwide. Our vision involves transforming our local communities in order to improve the quality of life. Our vision is to empower believers through Kingdom education, entrepreneurship, and economic development. Our vision involves the development of our real estate portfolio of nearly 300 acres as a means of ministry sustainability. Lastly, our vision is to create local church sustainability through our strategic business units. Our vision will make Kingdom disciples, build strong families, healthy children, and economically empowered people to live out God’s purpose for their lives while experiencing their dreams. Catch the vision and not only make a difference, but be a difference!

Our Values

Being a Witness

Evangelism and discipleship


Demonstrate faithfulness/loyalty to God, to the man of God, and to ministry


Involved and reliable


Work of ministry


Small groups participation


Presenting the best in ministry


Utilizing software and ministry processes